When I was growing up, I lacked confidence. I was very insecure and I honestly didn’t necessarily believe in myself, my qualities, my talents, etc. So I grew up, avoiding confidence. Burying it deep inside me, trying to forget it. It was a quality that I generally overlooked.

Now that I’m in college and mostly on my own, I began to realize how much I lacked confidence and how it has affected me over the years. It affected the decisions I made, the people around me, and how I viewed myself. It’s such an asset. A vital asset in our lives. Confidence is waking up in the morning knowing that you will have a successful day. Confidence is self-assurance. Confidence is basically “the appreciation of one’s self.”

Omg I think about it all time now, and I’m so repulsed by how I used to live a life that was not lead by confidence, faith, trust, and love. When I look back, I think about how insecure I was and how I acted. Ugh, disgusting. Terrible. But, gloin’ and growin’ do a lot of thangs bby girl lemme telllll you.

As part of my daily routine, I like to write affirmations on post it notes and post them around my room. I have one right above my bed that says, “Getcho ass up for the gym fatass”. Lmfao, I know that’s not an affirmation, but it motivates me to go to the gym every morning. Ya know, somethin’ to remind me that I’m the shit (LMFAO, I’m dragging it again. You know what I mean). I give myself pep talks in the mirror when I’m feeling a bit weird. And I write. I write a lotttttt. But these are all self reminders to keep trusting in my craft and working hard towards my goals.

Confidence is not caring what others think of you and focusing on the potential that you have. I have a lot of potential, to even change the world. And so do you.



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